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Creo Medical is a medical device company focused on the emerging field of surgical endoscopy, a recent development in minimally invasive surgery. The company’s mission is to improve patient outcomes by applying microwave and radiowave energy to surgical endoscopy.

Creo Medical was founded in 2003 as MicroOncology Ltd by Professor Chris Hancock, initially to target the treatment of cancers through use of high frequency microwave energy and dynamic matching techniques.

Creo has developed CROMA, an electrosurgical platform that can deliver microwave and bipolar radiofrequency through a single accessory port. This technology makes it possible to conduct endoscopic surgery by enabling miniature endoscopic devices to cut, coagulate and ablate with precision.

The company’s strategy is to bring the CROMA platform to market through a suite of medical instruments which the company has designed, initially into the field of GI therapeutic endoscopy, and later into a broader range of areas including bronchoscopy and laparoscopy.

The company has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property including 76 granted patents and 184 patents pending as at 18 October 2016. Creo has received regulatory approval in the EU for the CROMA platform and the first GI instrument (for RF cutting use only) and is currently seeking CE Mark approval and United States FDA clearance for the first commercially available products.

Creo Medical listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange on 9 December 2016, under the name “Creo Medical Group plc”.

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