Business Strategy

The company's vision is to develop and commercialise a suite of products based on the CROMA electrosurgery platform, initially launching this energy system into the flexible endoscopy market that includes GI endoscopy and bronchoscopy. In addition, the long term intention is expand into other adjacent markets, either organically, through partnership or acquisition.

Our strategy is based on 5 key pillars

  • Innovation and IP – continue to invest in R&D to further develop the company's technology and IP portfolio seeking non-dilutive grant funding where possible and appropriate;
  • Regulatory – pursue regulatory approvals for its products in the EU, the US and in the Asia Pacific region, through its Distribution Agreement with Hoya Pentax Medical;
  • Commercialisation – leverage the ability of clinicians worldwide to share good practice in order to gather clinical data and analyse outcomes for patients with the RS2 Speedboat device. This is aimed at providing the foundations for the launch of a suite of devices initially in the GI, followed by bronchoscopic tumour ablation and other pulmonary applications;
  • Manufacturing – retain manufacturing largely in-house to ensure quality control. In due course the company will look at controlled outsourcing of aspects of the manufacturing process allowing the business to increase capacity and reduce production costs in the medium term;
  • Acquisitions – the company will consider strategic acquisitions as a way to enhance its technological base and/or grow its market reach.

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