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The precise cutting, coagulation and ablation capabilities of the CROMA electrosurgery platform have utility in a range of electrosurgical applications where tissue resection with haemostasis (control of bleeding) and/or the ablation of tissue is required. Surgery is carried out in increasingly minimally invasive environments which necessitates long, flexible devices and the need for precision and control. The company will initially focus on the gastrointestinal endoscopy market, potentially expanding to bronchoscopy and laparoscopy over time.

The Directors believe that the size of the global endoscopic devices market is estimated to be approximately $3bn to $3.5bn and the global laparoscopic devices market is estimated to be approximately $8bn.

The group's current pipeline portfolio of instruments is targeted at three therapeutic endoscopic specialties: lower gastrointestinal; lung/bronchoscopy; and upper gastrointestinal. The Directors believe that the aggregate addressable market across these indications is sized at approximately $1.4bn.

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