What We Do

Our Pipeline

Our strategy is to deliver new curative therapies and therapy-enhancing technologies which have a high health economic benefit for the global healthcare system. Innovation is at the core of our pipeline product development strategy.

Innovation funnel

Our advanced energy platform has the potential to deliver benefits to a wide range of current and future clinical therapies through new technologies. Deciding which of these has the biggest overall contribution is fundamental to our success.

Decision-making cycle

Developing the right technology

Value Maximisation: Deriving the maximum value for external and internal customers from the portfolio in terms of health economic benefit and return-on-investment.

Balance: A balanced mix of near-term and long-term technologies and therapies delivered to a carefully selected mix of market segments.

Strategic Direction: Aligning our development priorities to our company mission and our core competencies so that the chance of success is the maximum possible achievable.

Rapid development: Creo Medical will be at the forefront of innovation within endoscopy. Lean project management and matching resources to priority projects will result in rapid innovation and a regular cadence of product launches.

The right technologies for Creo Medical

Advanced energy platform: Creo's patent protected platform delivers bipolar radiofrequency and microwave energy through long flexible catheters for use in procedures which make use of the body’s natural orifices, through endoscopic deployment and avoids the need for a traditional surgical procedure.

Near-term: Short-term deliverables for the pipeline will include devices which displace current low-tech alternatives by accelerating the increase of use of endoscopic en-bloc resection, including the transition from laparoscopic to endoluminal approaches. This will be achieved through a suite of surgical instruments based on three important tenets of endoscopic surgery – the need for (1) resection (2) haemostasis and (3) ablation of tissues. Creo’s instruments are designed with an improved safety profile and will transform how endoscopic procedures are performed.

Long-term: The longer term objective for Creo’s pipeline strategy is to provide novel curative therapies which are less-invasive and reach areas of the anatomy which are presently inaccessible. These new curative therapies will provide transformative health economic benefits to the global healthcare system.

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